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Split Systems

Reverse cycle split systems are the perfect solution when looking to cool or heat a particular area of your home.  They provide an air conditioning feature during summer, and are also able to heat your home during winter. We have a range of units available in many different sizes and costs allowing us to work with you to determine the best unit for the area you wish to service.

split system for Crosbie Climate Systems
Inverter technology is found in the leading wall hung split systems, and these systems can handle greater extremes in outside temperatures (perfect for a Melbourne summer!) - allowing you to cool down or heat up your room more quickly, and maintain a more consistent comfort level than the conventional split systems.

Inverter technology is also quieter and up to 30% more cost effective than conventional units.  

A common misconception we often hear from people is that they believe split systems are expensive to run.  With the updated technology available in these units,
this is simply not true - your wall hung reverse cycle split system can run from
as little as 10 cents per hour.  As you have the option of only cooling or heating the room that you are using, they can often be the most efficient solution for your home.

Crosbie Climate Systems supply and install a number of brands,
and are happy to quote on multiple brands to offer you choice.
The brands we recomment and work with for split systems are:

  • Daikin

  • Hitachi

  • Fujitsu

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