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Service and Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than turning on your air conditioning on the first hot day
of summer only to find that it isn't working properly - or worse, at all.  The worst part is to come when you start to ring around and find that it appears that everyone else in Melbourne is experiencing the same problems - and you can't find anyone to come out to fix your unit.

That is why we at Crosbie Climate Systems do everything that we can to accommodate all repair requests as quickly as possible to get your system back up and running ASAP.

We offer repairs and servicing on all types of heating and cooling systems.  Quite often we find the issue can be fixed by replacing one part, which means that the problem isn't nearly as expensive or time consuming as you may think.  We are always completely honest with our findings and work hard to minimise any cost.  When responding to a service or repair call we evaluate the issues and discuss with you in detail the problem, as well as our recommendations.

Over time your duct work can fail due to reasons such as the age of the duct work or damage by vermin. Often this can be fixed by isolating the problem area and repairing the damaged ducts. By fixing the damaged duct work, your heating system will be able to again run at optimal efficiency and power. This will mean the heater is under less pressure, and also saves substantially on energy and running costs. 
Repairing any ripped or damaged ducts also reduces the risk of getting any dirt and bacteria in your heating system.

Extra outlets can often be installed in addition to your ducted heating/cooling system,
to assist in areas where the air volume is insufficient. Also, with a large enough unit, extra outlets can be installed into extensions and/or excess rooms that previously did not have any heating/cooling outlets in place.

So if you are currently experiencing any concerns with your heating and/or air conditioning system, or perhaps want to organise a service before the next
Melbourne season is upon us, give us a call at Crosbie Climate Systems to
arrange an appointment and quote.

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