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Ducted Evaporative Cooling

evap cooling for Crosbie Climate Systems
Evaporative air conditioning is considered to be the most environmentally friendly type of cooling around.  It cools your home naturally - relies on the evaporation of water using the outside air.  This means that the stale, old air inside your home is constantly being replaced by clean fresh air. As evaporative cooling allows you to leave windows and doors open throughout your home, cooling your home even in the highest temperatures will still result in natural and refreshing coolness.

Evaporation Cooling for Crosbie Climate Systems
Ducted evaporation cooling is comprised of a central cooling unit connected to a series of ducts positioned strategically throughout your home for optimum cooling. Cool fresh air flows through these outlets, which you can easily adjust to alter the rooms cooled
if desired. 

Crosbie Climate Systems will work with you to design 
a duct layout that best suits the design of your home, taking into consideration how your home is used to ensure your cooling system is not only effective but cost and energy efficient.

Evaporative cooling is by far the most cost effective method of cooling - on average units cost as little as 12 cents per hour to run this type of air conditioning.  This means that you can turn the system on early in the day to keep the house cool throughout any heatwave without worrying about a rapidly rising energy bill.  So important during a hot Melbourne summer where we can see so many hot days and nights in a row.

We work closely with several leading brands for the supply and installation
of your evaporative cooling solution to allow you the choice when making the best selection for your home.  We can provide quotes on different brands so that you can make an informed decision on what will work best for you.
Our brands for our air conditioning units include:

  • Breezeair

  • Braemar

  • Bonaire

  • Cool air

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