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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - What you need to know

We have all read or listened to recent new story warning us about the dangers
of carbon monoxide poisoning - but what does it actually mean?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - What you need to know 

Carbon monoxide (CO1) is a gas that is produced when fuel—gasoline, propane, natural gas — is burned. CO1 is extremely dangerous to people when emitted
in an enclosed, unventilated area, such as a house, garage or car. 
Poisoning can happen when:

  • A wall furnace, space heater or gas ducted heater is faulty or installed improperly.
  • A fireplace chimney becomes clogged or blocked.
  • A outdoor heater is used indoors.

The scariest part of this is that you most likely will not see any signs that there might be something wrong with your heater - the gas is completely odourless and the symptoms related to poisoning are varied and non specific.
If you believe that your heater may be omitting dangerous gas, it is important
you cease using it immediately and organise a professional to inspect it for you
as soon as possible. 

To ensure the safety of your heaters within your home or office, it is very important
to have them checked and serviced regularly - we recommend once a year,
or two years at a minimum if the heater is not used regularly.
Contact us on 03 9723 7762 to arrange a service or your unit, or visit our servicing
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Below is the fact sheet from Better Health with more information about the danger
and prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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